Friday, 7 May 2010

The Heat Is On

Wee Sia Mi?? Wee Sia Mi?? Wee Sia Mi????? (why why why in hokkien) to the tune of a children's programme....

WHY WHY WHY?????? Why is Singapore on the Equator???? WHY WHY WHY?? Why do i only get to wear my pretty boots and trenchcoat in other countries???? Why Why Why???? is singapore SO BLEDDY HOT?????????!!!!!!!!

*wipe sweat* i really cannot tahan the heat these days, especially when i have to work in an environment that is not fully air-conditioned >.<|||

yesterday i was Q-ing up to buy chee cheong fun for breakfast. my rotund colleague LL was in front...

me: hooo =P so hot!
LL: ya, don't stand so near me... i might melt
me: hahaha... *he's funny*
LL: ya, my oil may flow out...
me: eeewwww... heng ah, females can wear sleeveless... you guys have to wear long sleeves >.<
LL: tell me about it... we're petitioning to be allowed to wear polo tees
me: ...oooohh... cannot wear short-sleeves meh... *point to another colleague in front* and look like an engineer... hehe
LL: but it's the *point to arm-pit* patches
me: eeewwww... =( that's right =P totally tak glam

it's been sooooo terribly hot that EVERYDAY i have a headache and feel feverish at the end of the day... i finally cannot tahan my on and off sore throat and onset of a cough. i have been trying to fight it cos in my line of work, when you're on MC, your colleagues have to cover your "duties" for you, which i feel bad about. everyone's so busy already....

but i coughed so badly in the office today that i felt i was going to cough out my lungs like in one of stephen chow's movies. (watch 4:35)

so i left early to see the doc... but then it was closed -.- so i went home to try to sleep and some SGNs were playing downstairs and screamed, squealed, shrieked... ROAR!!!!! i pictured myself with a bow and arrow taking aim... *breathe in breathe out* chill chill....

saw the doc in the evening... my favourite resident doc Dr Wong was not there, it was some lao kok kok doc. turns out i kena infection and have an ulcer in my throat. my sinuses are inflamed, my throat hurts, my cough got phlegm, my head aches... he gave me MC.

those kids had better not make so much noise or i'll throw water bombs down... SGNs...