Monday, 24 May 2010

I Should Have Been A Specialist Doctor

i hate myself for not pressing on in biology in sec sch (i took one lesson LOL) and freaking out at the thought of cutting up frogs and rabbits >.< because during my time, to get into medical school, biology was required. so once you drop bio, you can kiss medicine goodbye.

as some of you (especially my colleagues) know, i have been coughing incessantly for some time now so today i decided to go and see my specialist at Mount E.

BILL - a whopping $363 *heart bleed* my heart almost jumped out of my mouth and i almost fainted on the spot

that was for:

talking to me for 5 mins $100, looking very concerned throughout, prying open my nostril and peering into it, explaining to me what medication he is going to prescribe, offering to give me 3 days MC (which i probably won't use anyway -.- cos in my line of work, if you're on MC, your colleagues "kena arrowed" to cover for you which makes me feel v bad cos everyone is very busy), answering my questions most patiently... sheesh i forgot to ask him about the ringing in my ear

nasopharyngoscopy $180 about 5 mins but felt like hours (must be difficult to pronounce cos then can be expensive mah) when he said, "i'm going to have to look inside", the hair on my entire body stood DENG!! i am very scared of this procedure. HATE doing this (did it before). it involves sticking a slightly-thicker-than-yakult-straw tube up nostril and up and up and up then u-turn go down into throat to take video then pull out and then up the other nostril just to check the nostril. he first sprayed anaesthetic very carefully into my nostrils while speaking in a very gentle voice, "it will be a little bitter ya" throughout the procedure, he did it with the utmost care and spoke with the most soothing and gentle voice "this part will be sensitive... breathe with your nose, not with your mouth... then you won't feel the tube so much... great, youre' doing great... ok, it's coming out now..." i teared because of the discomfort. when i teared, the nurse gently pressed more tissue into my hands and patted me lovingly

ok, sinuses not inflamed which is good.

medication $83
klacid (7 tablets) $50 (this is so expensive!!!) one tablet of this can eat one subway meal >.<
codipront (10 capsules) $20 one capsule of this can eat one packet of chicken rice
xyzal (10 tablets) $12 one capsule of this can buy one cup of fruit juice (water-melon)
prednisolone (12 tablets) $1

the service was excellent. comfy sofa with cushions, copies of Tatler magazine. i didn't even have to open doc's door. the nurse held it open for me with a bright smile -.- "Ms Koh, you may enter now =D"

it doesn't matter that he is called Nelson Chee (鸟生鸡), he probably drives an audi/merc/beemer and stays in holland V.

oh, the nurse carry miu miu bag one hor, don't play play ah. specialist nurse also earn alot i think. no wonder she smile until so sweet... cos it's kaching kaching! -.-

so now i HAVE TO get well...