Friday, 14 May 2010

The Icing Room

It's priscilla's bridal shower so i decided to decorate a cake for her at The Icing Room at Compasspoint B1. It's a subsidiary of bread talk.

For $20.80, u get a 6" cake which includes one choc, one red/blue sweet gel, pink, pastel green and pastel yellow cream and a packet of sugar florets. additional decorations are at $2 each. i added a pair of angels. Time limit: 30 mins. So you stand at one of the cake stands available and decorate your cake. Pls wash hands before that cos they don't provide gloves. There are also 4" and 8" cakes at different prices.

This is the end result =) I quite like it =) I guess the trick is to keep it simple and not to be so tum sim that you try to use up EVERYTHING they give you. That's what the people beside me did and their cake ended up very cluttered and messy *pats chest* heng ah... i am not so greedy... hehehe. it's cute ^^

it's quite a fun experience and i'm sure if you have kiddos, they'd love it =) they provide stools for kids who can't reach the counter. how considerate.

I've yet to taste the cake but i guess, even if it doesn't taste fantastic, your family member or friends will still love it for the lovely thought and effort =)