Saturday, 22 May 2010

Illegal Cough Syrup Peddlers

wa, today TNP reported that there are illegal cough syrup peddlers on the bridge connecting The Adelphi and Funan IT Mall... aiyoh, so scary... i use that bridge quite often neh... and i always get v irritated by men smoking there but didn't now they're illegal cough syrup peddlers. the cough syrup contain codeine which gives users a high so addicts go there to get a cheap and quick fix. the sellers are mostly foreign men in their 20s who pretend to be waiting for people while smoking...

aiyoh, 光天化日之下 (in broad daylight) peddle drugs!!!!

next time i don't dare to use that bridge anymore er... *pats chest* kai see nang ah!!! kai see nang ah!