Saturday, 8 May 2010


you don't know how happy i was to hear the thunder just now when i was lying in bed after lunch at my mum's place...

the weather was sooooooo hot that a trip to my mum's place for mothers' day lunch made me so sick again =( and i didn't dare to go too near my ichiban kawaii nieces because i didn't want to pass my illness to them =( they were wearing the cute burberry tops i bought hahahaha... so cute

after lunch i felt sick and kept coughing... you know the kind of cough that can HEAR the phlegm? =P feels terrible to have a blob of phlegm stuck in the throat you cough cough cough it goes up down up down but not OUT... and you can't breathe properly... i really need to cough out that blob of phlegm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i was lying in bed after my dose of cough syrup when i heard...


me: *flip window blinds up* dear, is that THUNDER i hear????? =DDDDDDD *excited*
chris: *fondling his new HTC desire and ogling at it* think so....
me: YES!!! finally it's going to rain!!!!! =DDDDDDD

the long-awaited shower to water the scorched earth... nice! =) very nice!!!

gene kelly singing in the rain