Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Movie Review: Ip Man 2 (5*)

yeah, i finally managed to watch Ip Man 2 after the boo boo on sat and i enjoyed it very much. chris, on the other hand, felt that the story is very cliche and predictable...

it showed Ip Man as a struggling martial arts teacher trying to make ends meet in the colonised Hong Kong. the eye candy came in the form of his eldest disciple, a brash young dude who got into trouble with the local, more established clan headed by sammo. according to sammo, the leader of all clans, the "qualifying test" to start a martial arts school is to have a duel with all existing martial arts teachers on a round table within the burning time of one joss stick. Ip Man accepted the invitation and of cos passed the test beautifully.

as with most chinese movies set in that period, the british are portrayed as oppressive and corrupt. the antagonist was an arrogant british boxing champion who provoked sammo to a duel in the ring. sammo died in trying to preserve the honour of chinese martial arts.

of course, one would expect Ip Man to rise and reclaim the victory and integrity of Chinese kungfu, which he did. the show ended with bruce lee as a little boy wanting to be Ip Man's disciple and a photo montage and narration of bruce lee and Ip Man's teacher-disciple relationship.

that's why chris felt it is very cliche. he felt that the boxing ring duel was too similar to Vincent Zhao's The Legend (Shu Qi Er)... but i was very engaged during all the well-choreographed fight scenes, especially the round table fight with sammo. for his size and age, sammo is really agile and flexible... i cried when sammo was beaten to death by the ang mo... =( so sad...

i strongly recommend this movie because of the good fight scenes and simply because Donnie Yen rocks =)