Sunday, 30 May 2010


Do you find that Singapore is getting v v crowded?? we HATE going out on weekends (except to Great World City) because it's super crowded EVERYWHERE. IKEA, crowded. Compasspoint, crowded. i don't even want to think of tampines mall >.< even T3 is super crowded. that day we wanted to go out for dinner on a sat. we went to kovan. circle circle circle... no parking >.< so we had the great idea of eating at T3. got parking. but EVERY restaurant has a long Q. seems like everyone else also has the same great idea.

basically, those places near MRT stations are super crowded. park must Q, eat must Q, go toilet must Q, buy things must Q, pay must Q.

singaporeans are either v lazy (to cook) or very rich. imagine a family of 4 plus one helper (3 adults, 2 kids) chao chao also $200 per meal if they eat at a restaurant right?

so now we'd rather cook at home or the only place we go to is great world city cos it's quite inaccessible so it's not so crowded.

taka sale is CRAZY. like a warzone. and the way people buy is like it's the skincare and cosmetics line is going to stop production. the cosmetics Q was super long. even ferragamo shoes people buy like buying pastries. long Q to get in, long Q to try, long Q to pay. those people are holding boxes of shoes like cake like that. but sadz, don't have my size. so end up i only bought my sisley stuff and chris' down quilt, had lunch with gf, scoot over to mandarin to get some other stuff and zhioop out.

carpark fees: $12.50 >.<|||