Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Pet Custody

On Sat, TNP reported a story about couples fighting for pet custody when they split up... haiz... so sad. but at least both parties want the pets. in the cases mentioned, it seems that some of the pets are very pricey (like worth $28000)... hm... these are childless couples who treat their pets like kids.

for those who have kids, when they split up, their children suffer the most one... the kids will grow up with 阴影 (how to translate this ha?... hm... "issues")

my colleague JL told me his girlfriend took in a bunny because her girlfriend and her boyfriend each bought a girl and boy bunny. but they broke off so he didn't want the boy bunny anymore... haiz... so irresponsible one. his ex-gf couldn't handle two bunnies. according to my colleague, when they took over the bunny, he was in a very bad shape. the previous owner subjected it to prolonged neglect and his cage bedding had not been cleaned for so long that it was infested with maggots >.< and his fur on the bum was so badly matted.

i would love to slap that stupid couple. people who ill-treat animals should be jailed and fed the maggots from the cage until they finish eating them...

To you, he is just a pet. To him, you are everything.