Sunday, 16 May 2010

Priscilla's Bridal Shower

Yesterday was priscilla's bridal shower so a couple of days ago...

me: dear, erm... this sat can you go out and jalan jalan at about 2pm?? it's priscilla's bridal shower at our place. men not allowed.
chris: oh... you all are going to get male stripper ah?
me: NO!!!! -.-||| we don't do such things -.-... or do you want to hide in the room? kekeke
chris: it's ok... i'll just loiter around at the void deck =(
me: -________-|||

after the event, i found out that he went back to work... so poor thing.. hahaha

so the day is here and i happily took out my tea sets to wash and dry. I had thought it's gonna be a picnic setting because pris initially wanted a picnic at bot gardens but considering the recent bad weather, we decided to take it indoors =) so i just laid out the stuff buffet style.

Since priscilla's favourite colour is purple, i chose a purple theme for the flowers ^^ i haven't practised ikebana for a long time =P but it turned out not bad

below is ikebana freestyle (vertical)

the programme is basically: tea + chat, presents, pray.

i forgot to take pictures of the food hahaha... there were sandwiches from amelia, otah from hui bin, walnut crumble and samosas from lisa, cherries, salad and cake from me and ice cream from rhoda (which we totally forgot! so she brought them home =P)

here's everyone watching a slideshow of pris' wedding pictures from the photo-shoot in Taipei. as her girlfriends, we get the exclusive preview =D

Presents time!!

we placed the presents in a picnic basket on a picnic mat...

pris unwrapping her tiara and looking pleasant surprised =)

aramsa spa voucher

la senza voucher.

amelia brought chocolate massage cream... kinky... my first response was: "is it edible?" LOL

a collection of our well-wishes and marital advice from the married girls very nicely put together scrapbook style by kay

Pris with all her gifts (check out the tiara), including the floral arrangement ling2 brought =)

and of cos, how can we not have a group shot =) mostly married with kid(s)...

(clockwise from top left): kay (the champion of all with 3 kids), ling ling (1 kid), PRISCILLA the bride-to-be, amelia (1 kid + pregnant with 2nd), lisa (1 kid), namiko (2 cats), me (2 bunnies), hui bin (single), rhoda (1 kid)