Sunday, 30 May 2010

Product Review: Cyber Colors BB Cream (5*)

BB (blemish balm) is a very widely used product in Korea among women, especially celebrities who want to achieve the sans make-up yet flawless look. I have read a lot about this on the internet but never felt i really needed it cos i have the impression that it's very thick. There are many brands around, the most highly-rated being BRTC which Watson's carries but they have no testers so you kind of have to take the risk. BRTC only comes in PA++ which gives moderate protection and costs about $55. I only go for PA+++ which gives good protection. read more here

I happened to pass by Sasa so went in to look see look see. Sasa carries the above 4-in-1 BB cream: moisturing and whitening and anti-aging, sunblock (SPF 45 PA+++), make-up base cum foundation. according to the girl, who carefully applied a tiny dollop on the back of my hand and helped me choose the color, this is Sasa's best-selling brand for BB cream in the whole of Singapore. I could see that my skin tone was instantly evened out! so i decided to buy it (and she also convinced me to get a Japanese mascara =P)

So i tried it before going to church and am very pleased. Instead of having to apply sunblock + make-up base + foundation (i don't usually wear foundation actually... i only wear for dinners or concerts. i don't have foundation. i only have a tiny free sample from Dior which i use when i need to hahaha cheapskate), it's just one step after your moisturiser before the powder (for me, i brush on my powder... i don't like to use sponge or puffs).

Pores are less visible, skin tone more even and it stayed quite fresh from 10am til 3pm (except when i was slurping bah kut teh and chinese tea). You know how make-up sometimes "oxidizes"? this one doesn't feel like it does. It felt fresh.

Removing it is just like usual. For me, it's fancl's mild cleansing oil.

although it provides the coverage while still feeling very light, i probably won't use it everyday cos i don't need so much coverage on a daily basis plus i still prefer to just apply sunblock hahaha... very kiah see.

Convenient for travelling. Instead of one bottle of sunblock, one bottle of make-up base, one bottle of foundation, you just need to bring one tube of this. 35g means can bring up the plane in a ziplock bag =) so fang bian!

$29.90 for 35g from Sasa (Made in Korea)