Monday, 3 May 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events

this long weekend has been *sigh* haiz... *shake head*

first it was the long-awaited, eagerly-anticipated IP Man 2 but got the date wrong so ended up not watching anything >.<

then it's the excited-about-tasting-it cake that dropped on the ground of the elevator... boo hoo...

it wasn't an elaborate cake la... just a cake mix i bought from daiso and was curious to try so i read the instructions in Japanese (by agaration... there were illustrations so that made it easier) and baked the sponge cake. when it was done, it was time to go to my in-law's so i couldn't really cover it (hot ma). it just laid a sheet of baking paper over the top and tied it in a furoshiki (Japanese hankerchief thingy for wrapping things such as lunchboxes) and brought it to my in-law's to cut. so they got half, ah ma got 1/4 and we kept 1/4. my MIL pinched some to eat and said it's nice. she gave some to scruffy who begged for seconds so i cut one small piece to try... mmm... not bad and gave a piece to scruffy who asked for thirds -.- greedy dog...

i put our 1/4 back into the baking pan, covered it with the same paper and tied it with the furoshiki. think i didn't tie it tightly enough so when chris carried it to bring it home, the cloth gave way and out came the cake PIAK! on the ground in the elevator. ah ma's helper lynn swore it fell on the paper and didn't touch the ground but chris was like -.- "dear, just throw it la."

i was sad la... even though it didn't take a lot of effort, i still measured the other ingredients: such as water, vanilla extract, separated 3 eggs, mixed the stuff together and whisked the egg whites by hand until stiff peaks formed. heart pain =(

so i sulked in the car...

me: i got no cake to eat! HNG!
chris: ok ok, go home bake another one!
me: no more cake mix la!
chris: *helpless* then bake next time...?
me: you neh say SORRRY
chris: ok ok sorry sorry, it's my fault...
me: next time YOU bake the cake!
chris: HA? -________-???
me: you have to whisk the egg whites until stiff peaks form wor!
chris: er... ok... *what are stiff peaks??? the only peaks i know are *CENSORED**
me: and later go home you wash the baking pan! ROAR
chris: OKO, i wash... -.-|||

at the petrol station...

me: i have no cake to eat...
chris: *there she goes again* okok, sorry my fault
me: *stare at the polar cakes + SULK*
chris: okok, choose one, i buy for you
me: *SULK*

so end up i bought 4 sugar rolls... -.-