Thursday, 13 May 2010

Sole Expensive

golly... one thing about buying expensive shoes is the expensive soles you need to put before you wear them to prolong their lifespan... and sometimes i half-suspect the Mr Minit guys see the brand one -.- the soles for my new shoes cost a whopping $60!!!! he says it's cos "they need to cut the leather into the shape"... right... last time my other shoes cost only $30... it's the same material but he said the shape is difficult to cut hence the extra cost (like DOUBLE!!) another lady who brought her shoes to do the protection also kena charged $60... same case as mine... difficult to cut... -.-

i also have another pair which is the normal leather sole so total bill was $90!!! *heart pain* but bo pian... need to protect...

>.< chris says my soles alone can let him buy two pairs of BATA shoes... ya man, sole expensive.... >.<|||