Thursday, 6 May 2010

Watercress Soup

Here's another very comforting soup... i like to add conpoy because it makes the soup very flavourful =)

Chicken - half, skinned, cut into pieces, scalded in boiling water
watercress - half of the bunch you buy
red dates - 2
bitter and sweet chinese almonds - very small handful each
wolfberries - small handful
conpoy - 3, soak in hot water until soft, pour away water
water - 4 cups

bring to boil and simmer for 2 hours

*i use chicken because it's cheaper =P half a chicken costs $4+ if it's sakura, $3.50 if it's kampong but to get that same amount of loin ribs, it costs twice as much =( and we don't eat the meat one ma... only drink the soup so it's very wasteful. anyway, when i buy sakura chicken ($8.90 each) i need to buy ONE so i will separate the parts. breasts for soup, thighs and drums for cooking other dishes for eating.