Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Wo Lui Kiah

means "Rich little fart" in hokkien (actually it's not... it means rich kid but i want to say rich little fart can?)

while waiting to see Dr Nelson Chee at his Mount E clinic, i flipped through The Tatler magazine (don't know why, specialists like to have this magazine lying around in the clinic... my ophthalmologist also has these)

it's a super boring magazine which tells you who and who attended which gala dinner zzz...

i happened to read one about a rich little fart's 21st birthday GALA dinner at some posh place (can't rmb name) with after-dinner programme at St James Power Station. it featured a nicely photoshop-ed picture of her in i believe a designer bustier gown, low cut neckline showing off her newly-formed womanly assets as she sat demurely, drenched in diamonds, on a couch. her mother, the organiser, is some tai tai la i think. the table setting is nicer than ANY WEDDING i have ever attended with pretty costume jewellery favours tied with pretty satin ribbons. photographed at the event were other rich little farts, the exclusive few invited to her lavish party. who are these people anyway?? and why will people want to read about who attended her birthday party?? and who is she??? -.-

need to be so lavish meh? i bet she sings off-key (I always believe God is fair LOL *sour grapes*)

now, what happened at my 21st birthday party? i can't remember LOL not that it was long ago (not that long ago la!) but it was so unspecial that i really can't remember hahaha... sadz :'(

haiz... that time when my nieces had their first birthday, my kor n SIL were so tired they didn't really want to celebrate but i insisted and am glad i did because at least we have some photos to show them when they're older. i am happy for CY and ling's very adorable daughter that CY is an avid photographer (like me) so hannah will have MANY (tonnes, truckloads) of photos... as for me, i feel sad that i don't have many old photos of me when i was young. i am serious. i think i can only find like 2-3 -.- i don't know how i used to look as a baby cos no one took photos... very sad... very very sad... so when people want to borrow my old photos (for whatever reasons) i make them promise to return it to me because it's really precious. some careless people have lost 2 of my precious photos (kindergarten and singing at some friend's birthday one) which made me very very upset.