Saturday, 5 June 2010


"yi ri wei shi, zhong sheng wei fu" in chinese means "one day as your teacher is like a lifetime as your parent" i.e. accord your teachers the same kind of respect as you would your parent.

i still call my primary school teacher Mr Lee (we still visit him on chinese new year when we can). he was also the discipline master and he walked around with this AURA... when he walked up stage, the whole school went... ssshhhhhh complete silence. cool. he has since retired (with a huge pension i believe) and enjoying gardening in his 3-storey bungalow... nice... the chinese saying is so apt. you wouldn't stop calling your mum "mum" just because you have grown up or become a parent yourself right? so basically i will still call my teachers Mr/Miss/Mrs/Mdm whatever because i just feel weird calling them by their first names, even after i have graduated for so long. it's just my way of remembering and honouring them for what they have done for me.

kids these days, most of them don't embrace the notion of 一日为师,终生为父 anymore... some of them don't even respect their parents and elders what makes you think they'd respect their teachers? even parents behave differently towards teachers these days. during my time, if i didn't get A, my mum, typical competitive mother will ask, "how did other people do?" hahaha. she just needed to know where i stand. my dad will ask, "did you try your best?" i said "yes." and he said, "ok, that's good enough". what mattered to him more was whether i had given my best. so if my best was a B, that's good enough. results were tied to the child's effort and that's it. they won't blame other people one. they believe it's genes + effort.

my bro and i NEVER had tuition (we couldn't afford la) but we sill turned out fine. our teachers could scold us, insult us, knock our knuckles with ruler we just accepted it and didn't dare tell our parents. we carried our own school bags. we took bus to school. we never had nicely typed out notes. my A Level notes were ALL handwritten. one whole stack (which i threw away after A Levels LOL). i only saw printed notes in uni and only for some modules and we were like "WAA!! got notes ah!!" remedial? what is remedial? where got such things last time? you fail you better work harder! i felt that what we went through made us more resilient.

if i get scolded by my school teacher, i wouldn't dare tell my mum (siao ah!) cos i will probably kena another round of scolding from her. when we get scolded by our teachers, our parents will think we must have done something wrong and we deserved it. so they'd "reinforce" it by giving us another round of scolding (or beating) hahaha.

last time teachers are very sing nang one... they go home at 3pm and stay in bungalows after they retire.