Monday, 7 June 2010

The Day My Kor Stood By And Did Nothing =(

in primary school, there was one girl that my kor thought was chio called xiao yun. xiao yun was the head prefect and one day she caught me and said i was talking during assembly (which is true =P) and made me stand in front but didn't catch my friend!!! not fair right??? how am i supposed to talk ALONE???? my kor was a prefect too so i signalled to him and whispered to him but he didn't stand up for me cos he had the hots for that xiao yun so i told on him and he got a good whacking from mum hahahaha... think he kena whacked until he hid inside the toilet my mum HAIYAH! bruce-lee-kicked the door open, the door banged into his nose and his nose bled LOL v dramatic... hahaha but when i saw his nose bleeding i felt bad la... think i started crying =(( i always cry when my kor kena whacked cos i am scared i'll be next. but usually only he gets whacked... even for my mistakes... >.< who ask him to be the eldest?? =P

my kor actually quite cham... he kena whacked quite a lot because of his baby sister =D