Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Faster Chope Place!!

I was at a gathering on Tues and since ALL my friends have young kids, they always talk about their kids and one most frequently dwelt-on topic is "primary schools". which school are you going to enroll your kid into? phase what?

so anw, one of them has a kid who is 4 days younger than my nieces and the kid ALREADY has a place in kindergarten... as for primary school, the one she is eyeing is a Methodist school so she will try to enroll as a Methodist parent (phase 2B i think) but if the ballot is not successful, the next cut will give priority to those who stay within 1 km radius so she is seriously considering moving in order to be within 1 km radius...

another friend is a little more relaxed. she will just send her daughter to her alma mater which is a girls' school under "alumni" phase. she is more worried about her son though cos her husband's alma mater, a boy's school, has closed down... she laughed, "he will have to go and direct traffic to get the son a place! LOL"

sheesh, my bro and my primary closed down also... anw it's not a good school.

so i got a little worried and SMSed my brother...

eh kor, so and so's kid already has a place in a kindergarten!!! have you chope place for them?? must faster!!!

he didn't reply -.-

so i called him

me: eh, you registered them for kindergarten already anot??
kor: i'm busy can't talk now, bye!

wah lao!!! so not 济急 one!!! wait my nieces got no place in top kindergarten how??? must quickly!! this is really stressful... 皇上不急太监急。