Friday, 4 June 2010


i love garlic HAAAAAA!!!! garlic is good for health =)

don't you love garlic bits in your food? especially as a garnish for vegetables? ready-made ones aren't fresh. to fry it means you will have to wash the pan and possibly get pik pik piak piak oil splats or worse, if the fire is too strong, all chao tah and bitter.

One very easy and lazy way to get perfect fried garlic bits is to put the chopped garlic into a microwaveable bowl, douse it with oil (i use olive oil) and microwave for 2 mins (you may want to adjust timing depending on your microwave oven). i cover the top with a small piece of baking paper with 4 corners folded down. you could use microwave wrap but make sure you leave a gap for air to escape.

drain on kitchen paper and you get freshly-made fragrant garlic bits without the hassle =)

another very easy and tasty way is to bake it. take a cluster of garlic. chop off the top to expose the garlic flesh. place it on a baking tray lined with paper, exposed side up. splash a little EVOO over it, dash of pepper and salt and bake 180 deg C for about 40-45 mins (an estimate). i didn't preheat the oven... no time la! when cooled, squeeze out the brown garlic bulbs. yums! great for pasta or bread with butter!