Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Hotel Review: Associa Shizuoka (4*)

In terms of accessibility, this hotel is the best because it’s right next to the station. And the room is rather spacious. Expensive though. We took the room without breakfast and it cost almost $200+ a night.

Shizuoka is indeed the home of green tea. Even the bathroom amenities are green tea based LOL

The hotel lobby toilet is very sophisticated... so many buttons!!

From top left:
more water, less water, mop (it goes round and round LOL this one i went, "oooohhhh....!"), massage (it comes out in pulses pss..psss... LOL), next one donno, dryer, all covers down, top cover up toilet seat down, all covers up.

From bottom left:
stop, i don't know what's the diff between 2 and 3 cos they felt the same to me, bidet (for girls), water pressure, water angle and position.

coolz =)