Thursday, 17 June 2010

Hotel Review: Unazuki New Otani (5+5*)

We had to skype the hotel to make a reservation but once we established contact and got the front desk guy, Kobayashi san’s email address, everything else was very convenient =)

Very conveniently located, within walking distance to the train station and with a lovely view of the Kurobe Tram bridge, I will definitely choose this ryokan hotel again if I go there again. They gave us a huge room (enough for 4-5 people) with a beautiful view of the river and the bridges.

Hot spring is great (I had the hot spring to myself!)

Check out the range of amenities!!! NICE!

Japanese hot springs always sterilise the hair brushes... Singaporean salons should do that ya?

The white shrimp tempura is superb!!

And while you are there, make sure you drink lots of water cos Kurobe's water is famous!! If I didn't read it wrongly, I think it's the melted snow from Tateyama mixed with spring water.

The +5* is for Kobayashi san. He is very good-looking..OK he is not very photogenic but he looks VERY good in person.

when I saw him I was like, “WA! Did this guy just jump out from an anime/manga??!!!” and he is at least 1.8m tall, which is rare for Japanese guys.

OK, i am not some cheeky girl la! The +5* is for his service =) He has been most kind and hospitable. Speaks fluent English, he helped us to book our Kurobe Gorge tram tickets, made us feel most welcome, orientated us about the hotel and offered help whenever he can. I left our universal charger in the room (I am always leaving things in ryokan hahaha) and only realized it when we were back in Tokyo and I sent him an email to request for it to be delivered to shimbashi and he did.

He is one service staff chris and I will remember =)

We walked around the small town (the whole town can be covered on foot) and I had a footbath with some residents =)

Rate: less than SGD$500 a night (include dinner and breakfast)