Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Invasion of Taiwanese Drama

I cannot take it anymore. local TV officially sucks.

it's bad enough that the 爱 is showing every Sat and Sun on channel 8 from 7- 9pm and 娘家 is showing every weekday 7 - 8pm on channel 855, now 爱 will be shown EVERYDAY starting from 19 jul!!!! -________-|||

what's with these taiwanese drama ha??? they run for like a few hundred episodes. the hokkien theme song haunts you. everytime it's played you just want to mute the TV (or smash your neighbour's TV). one scene which can be done in 3 mins goes on and on and on for 15 mins. you can miss a few weeks' worth and still be able to catch the story. the bad guys are so overtly bad and irritating. the good guys are such pushovers and so pathetic. every once in a while a new character is introduced, someone gets pregnant... the plot is so predictable. when something bad is going to happen, the audio doesn't fail to emphasize it with the "deng!!!" as though we don't know something bad is going to happen.

TV showed some "survey" done on the streets. apparently 50% of students and professionals watch 爱. ya right, i don't believe. they didn't say 100% of uncles, aunties, ah gongs and ah mas watch it. and one aunty interviewed said "it helps in family bonding"... my foot! did you see my grandma on mothers' day?? she was glued to my i-phone watching 爱... not even the peking duck could tear her away. talk only during commercials.