Saturday, 19 June 2010

Movie Review: The Hurt Locker (2*)

Don't kill me... i've read that this movie is a "near-perfect movie" and it has won several accolades. When I saw the trailer, it never occured to me that it's a show i would wanna watch. but chris watched it on the plane and said it's good. my brother was talking non-stop about it and lent us the DVD. and even ellen (degeneres) raved about it on The Ellen Show (holiday ma, so I watch Martha's show, Ellen's show and The Price is Right LOL). So i took out my kor's DVD and watched it last night.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............ i fell asleep. i'm sorry la... tis not the kind of movie that engages me. i felt it was slow-moving. you want to know the story you can read my friend CY's very comprehensive synopsis. chris says it's supposed to be realistic... ok... so no blood spurting out, intestines dangling??? zzz... the only "gross" part was sergeant james digging out the bomb from the boy's body.

so i prefer quentin tarantino's inglorious basterds. it's such a great show. very gory and graphic but nicely done. ok, i was squirming and watching through my fingers and all but it was shiok =P plus, of cos, brad pitt... no fight la. LOL oh, the hurt locker had ralph fiennes... golly, i didn't even recognise him! hahaha

well, that sergeant james, he's the kind of guy people will hate to have on the team. i sympathise with sanborn and can imagine how frustrated he feels.

all i can say is, heng ah i didn't pay for it =P and why is it called "The Hurt Locker"? no link leh...