Sunday, 6 June 2010

My JC Chinese Teacher

I remember most fondly my Chinese teacher in JC. her name is lee bai yang lao shi. i miss her cos i have lost touch with her =( a cute and petite old-but-looks-very-young lady, married for many years but still no kids. drenched in chanel no. 5, there was a trail of lingering scent even after she left the class. she may be petite but i bet she has a huge diaphragm because she can be v loud and v fierce.

she really had a way with my class who was disinterested in chinese (my classmates were mainly from a certain methodist boys' school and a certain catholic boys' school on malcolm road). we loved being (or rather, found great amusement in watching our fellow classmates being) insulted, tortured, ridiculed and punished by her hahaha...

she'd ask us some cheem chinese question and we'd O.O??? look at her stunned then she'd scream, "你们一个两个坐在那象一团粪一样!没有反应!“ (you all sit there like a lump of turd, no response!"

if we were talkative, she'd scream, "你再讲话我就避你吃粉笔!“ (you talk some more i make you eat chalk! last time my teachers used chalk ok? where got so advanced now use tablet PC... -.-)

when someone (that chen weilie la) didn't submit chinese essay, she'd scream, "全班除了伟烈抄书!“ (whole class except weilie copy text!) after that no one dared to not pass up work liao. you kena punished it's ok but you sabo your classmates kena punished, that's social suicide right? chris tells me that's the army way hahaha

spelling was damn stressful. she'd shout out one word then if you know you have to put up your hand and dash to the board to quickly write it then you're "safe". the words get progressively more difficult. and that chen weilie is always a bit slow so as he waits, the words get more and more difficult then he will panic LOL the punishment for being the last one up is whole class except you copy text which also means you copy for the whole class cos you feel bad right? haha

once that chen weilie leaned over to peep at my dictation and li bai yang lao shi's eagle eyes caught him. his punishment was to stand outside the class along the corridor (that corridor had people passing by) and whenever a pretty girl passed by he had to shout, "我被罚站应为我默写偷看!“ and it must be loud enough so that teacher can hear it. got one girl passed by but he didn't shout and teacher asked him why he said, "老师,她不美leh... 你讲美女ma..." (teacher, she not pretty leh, you said pretty girl ma)

teacher -.- him LOL

but when we were well-behaved and did well for spelling, essay or test and she's in a good mood, she'd reward us with chocolates. she loves chocolates and can eat a lot but still v slim hahaha she'd throw mars bars at us.

she taught us what 可圈可点 (can circle can dot... meaning good points) meant LITERALLY. she made us read good essays and put small circles over the phrases that are nice and use them in our own essays. she told us stories of the origins of four-word chinese phrases. she made chinese very fun. we fooled around but we also learnt.

my whole class passed chinese. i got A2 and that chen weilie hugged her when he secured a C6... LOL