Sunday, 20 June 2010


This is really outrageous... TNP ran a story on yesterday that illegal bookies these days are recruiting runners from JCs and polytechnics to collect World Cup soccer bets from teenagers who are underaged to bet legally! these runners get a cut of 3-5% of the bets with bets amounting up to $25,000 per night, ranging from $50 to $500 (there is a cap of $500). That's $750 per night of pocket money for a kid!! These runners have about 30 bettors each and the money which must be paid by noon the next day is wired either through ATM transfer or internet bank transfer.

One student interviewed said that he has pocketed about $4000 since the World Cup started last Friday *jaw drop* and don't play play, these bookies use laptops and excel spreadsheets to record the bets... golly.

Here's an excerpt from the TNP website...

Other excerpts:

"A bookie at a Geylang coffee shop said, "We imposed a limit on how much the students can bet because we don't want to end up suffering losses (when the students fail to pay up)."

"In a poll of 50 poly and JC students picked at random, an astonishing 48 claimed they had bet on at least one game since last Friday. Forty of the 48 admitted they have placed bets either online or through a runner."

"Another poly student, Peter, 19, claimed that he practised "prudent betting". He said, "I don't bet big, usually only about $100 on each game, so (I) think it's quite harmless."

Need to pray for our young people... sadz =(