Friday, 18 June 2010

Shopping in Tokyo – GINZA!!

I LOVE shopping, especially in Ginza Tokyo. Sorry, not many photos. Where got time?? Japanese brands such as Burberry blue (ladies) and black (men) label,

uniqlo, fancl skincare and supplements, mikimoto pearls, namiki fountain pens from Itoya are cheap. I also find that the Forever 21 there is cheap with nicer variety not available in Singapore. I had to queue up with a large crowd to enter the shop in Matsuzakaya (near fancl) in the morning (open at 1030am). Before they open for business, they staff will sing some rara song then when you enter, they’ll stand on the stairs and applaud very enthusiastically… you feel like some VIP hahaha.

I love shopping for shoes in Japan because they’re so super pretty =) the service is excellent. The (very handsome) salesman will kneel down, hand you a brand new pair of stockings (for hygiene purposes) and sing praises when you try on the shoes, “Kirei!! Kawaii!!” (pretty! Cute!) give comments about whether the size fits you, insert insoles if necessary. You can’t help but buy at least one pair. Then he suggests other colours, styles and matching handbag for you LOL after the purchase, he will personally carry your shopping bag and walk you to the door, hand you the bag and bow, “Arigato gozaimashita!” and pause there until you have moved off before getting up. If it rains, they will wrap your paper bag in a plastic bag so that you paper bag won’t get wet. You know how women love keeping their paper shopping bags?? How thoughtful of them.

But I find that the service at fancl (ginza store) not as good… maybe because many singaporeans go there so their service becomes like that in Singapore hahaha…

Chris bought:
3 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of jeans from uniqlo

he also checked out the i-pad and almost bought it if not for the fact that a contract is needed... LOL

I bought:
I think I’ll keep that to myself to be safe… chris reads my blog =D
We went with 1.5 luggages, came back with 4! Golly…