Monday, 7 June 2010

We Are A Blessed Lot

well you may think that kids these days have it all: i-phone, PS, Wii, whateva... but i think my generation is a blessed lot. We enjoyed our childhood... i rmb my childhood fondly. what is tuition? what is holiday lessons? holiday means holiday. after school means after school. after school i'd play at the playground or play masak masak with neighbours. some pretend to be customers, some pretend to run restaurant hahaha. i don't really remember studying hahaha. we felt the sand in the playground, the grass on the field, ate cheap but delicious ice cream purchased from the $1 note mum kiapped on a peg and threw down from 9th floor.

my mum didn't have to do traffic duty to put me in primary school. she just chose the nearest one that my bro could get in and put me in the same school hahaha (my bro didn't make it to henry park... tsk!). my school bag was not so heavy that i needed a trolley bag. i played zero-point during recess. my bro was knocking someone else's marbles during recess. for sec sch, mum just let me choose. i choose a girls' sch and found my goodest bestest friend there. CCA was purely for fun.

and when we went to JC, despite the fact that we studied 4 subjects, school ended at around 3pm everyday. and then go pak tor (my JC1 bf very shuai one k! v handsome n muscular gymnast from hwa chong JC v smart also... but that bugger broke my heart and i cried on my kor's chest until it was covered with my mucus; my next bf v musically talented one k but i broke his heart =P)

i LOVED uni. that was the best time of my life. not because i could dress up for school everyday and sometimes got to see Tay Ping Hui in Arts fac hahaha but really, i enjoyed studying the subjects (Math and English) very much. solving Math problems gave me a lot of kick =D i walked to school (i stayed opposite can?). if there was a long break between lessons i'd go home and zzz first hahaha... i don't choose any module starting before 9am or that have sat lessons. rather i choose my modules (if possible) so that i have only a 4 day week hahaha. i had an enjoyable CCA (campus crusade for Christ), made good friends and found a husband!! how cool is that?

when we got married, we could afford a HDB flat...

yeah, we're a blessed lot and we thank God for that.