Tuesday, 1 June 2010

You're Nuts

Chris EATS a lot of nutella. and i mean it literally. he EATS nutella. For nutella fans, it's really a SNACK rather than a SPREAD. i have since given up spreading nutella for chris with a knife because it just takes too long. i use a spoon, scoop out two mounts of nutella and whack! slap it onto the bread then lightly even out the 5mm thick goo to cover the surface of the bread ending off by "cleaning" the spoon on the edges and corners. for chris, nutella must ooze out when he bites into the bread otherwise not shiok. if it doesn't, he'll complain i'm cheapskate -.- he also eats it like ice cream. to prevent him from finishing the entire bottle, i buy the small snack packs for him so it takes more effort hahaha

he has also started eating nutella and bread with an equally thick spread of BUTTER. eeewwww... i constantly worry about his heart... sighs... especially when i keep having to replenish the lurpak in the fridge and nutella in the pantry tsk tsk tsk.