Thursday, 29 July 2010

Breaking The Magician's Code

I wonder whether you watch this show on channel 5 at 10pm on Sundays. some of the tricks are so super cheap and it makes me feel so stupid to be so amazed last time. interesting show if you disregard the corny lines by the voiceover.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

i-phone 4

Chris, the Apple devotee, says he wants to Q for i-phone 4 on thu evening... ahaha i think by then the Q don't know reach where le... i'm sure people will camp there and start Q-ing on Wed like Q for HDB flat... even with all those bad press. you don't know meh? Singaporeans love to Q. somehow when they see a Q they will be curious and Q too LOL

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Cat Adopts Baby Bunny! ^^

Grouch showed me this video =) AAAAWWWWWWWW...!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 26 July 2010


half of my dept use i-phones. lately my dept people intro me to this free i-phone app called charadium and we will sometimes play at home after work (shower, gong xin ji etc). it's basically pictionary but it's real time. a maximum of 6 people can play at one time. so one person draws and the rest will guess. fastest correct answer gets points. the drawer also gets points. i got one colleague called horny baby he is super good. people draw halfway he will ting ting type the correct answer!! it's very pek cek when you also got it correct but was a split of a second late -.- GGGRRRRR...!!!! or if you spell wrongly then someone sees your answer, spells correctly and gets the points. GAH!!!!

we have a code word so that only our people can play and someone will go FB to leave a message then at night we will log-in and play.

i have unfair advantage cos i use the i-Pad to play muahahaha... so i can draw until v detailed =P horny baby says i "cheat" neninenipoopoo! =PPP

well, playing with them is super exciting =D i tried playing with other people (i don't know these people one, just log-in and choose quick game) and yawnz... they either draw very slowly, are very slow in answering (i.e. dumb) or cheat by WRITING the word out...

go try it... you'll get hooked too haha. er but... you need to have i-phone la.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Irritating Singaporeans

Some Singaporeans are really irritating and will be a complete disgrace to our country when they're overseas. Yesterday we were at IKEA for dinner we sat beside a family of 3. this family took like 30 satchets of pepper and 20 sugar!!! why on earth do they need SO MUCH??? i would love to watch them eat all. haiz... i don't want to think what they will do if they go to Sunroute Shimbashi in Tokyo where the hotel amenities are laid out at the hotel lobby, free to take. got toothbrush and toothpaste, shaver, hairbrush, shower sponge, cotton buds.

and our seats are such that chris n i had to squeeze past them to get out. so we gathered our dirty plates (we clear our table k, unlike some singaporeans) and tried to squeeze past. on my side, i couldn't get out because of that ONE SEAT at the end and the uncle just sat there like screwed to his seat and didn't move!!! end up i had to go back the other way and make a big detour to get out. on chris' side, the aunty is really dumbo. her seat was very far from the table and she was sitting at the edge of the seat. when she saw chris come, she leaned forward BUT HER SEAT DIDN"T MOVE!!! gah!!! so chris also couldn't get out. and all this while we were carrying our dirty plates k? really want to slap them!

and very often when we go for movies, we realise many people don't bring their trash out after the show then the poor staff has to go around collecting cups and whatnots. singaporeans think just because they pay for the show they're v big.

what i HATE at the movies is sitting in front of a kid. because kids LOVE kicking the chair in front i.e. my chair. so every once in a while you'd feel a KOK KOK on your chair. it's SUPER irritating and inconsiderate. just because they're kids doesn't mean they can be inconsiderate. social graciousness must start from young right?

but i must say it's getting better. it was worse last time. but i think we're still quite a long way to reaching taiwan or japan's standard.

An An Eggs

aiyer! so scary! you guys heard about the eggs that were recalled right?? tsk tsk tsk... i love eggs neh... and i love the not totally cooked type... so scary these days. you better check whether the eggs in the fridge are an an ah! better throw!

An An Eggs

Friday, 23 July 2010

Fancy Cars

Wa... some of my colleagues are FILTHY rich... got one mini cooper convertible and a mazda MX5 convertible. How come some people can afford to buy such nice cars ha?? i miss my kor's BMW... and of cos everyday i see my boss' BMW and lao chwee nua...

chris is super cheapskate when it comes to cars. if he had a choice, he'd drive chery QQ -.- but for his wife, he'd drive a european car. he said he would have gladly stuck to his jap manual car if not for the fact that his wife can't drive manual. sometimes we have the following conversation in the car...

me: dear, when friedrich (our car) dies, upgrade to what?
chris: mmm.... upgrade to chery QQ la
me: -.- that's not upgrade
chris: upgrade! from two doors to four doors neh!!
me: -.- i want BMW
chris: cannot afford!
me: *points to peugeot 307 convertible that zhioops past* how much is it?
chris: cannot afford!
me: *points to mazda MX5* that one neh?
chris: cannot afford! ah yo these people so poor! cannot even afford a shelter for the car!!! tsk tsk tsk!!! dear, two door topless cars are for poor people cos they cannot afford the parts!
me: giam gah nah! -.-
chris: let's drive friedrich for 10 years! =) anyway i won't buy sports car... cos you're a closet speedster... dangerous!
me: i promise i won't speed?
chrir: ya... right!

don't think i will ever get to drive sports car =(

Sunday, 18 July 2010

E-PL1 ART Modes

One of the sellling points of the E-PL1 are the ART modes, namely: Pop Art, Soft Focus, Grainy Film, Pinhole, Diorama and Sepia. I don't usually like to use these on my pictures. Even if I want the photo to be black and white, I will shoot in colour then convert because more experienced photographers tell me that details can be lost if you shoot in black and white. Another reason is that in future you may want the picture in its original form but it's not possible to convert back. So you should shoot in original colour and then convert to whatever you want. If you shoot say in Sepia, it will always be sepia liao.

So anw i tried the fun art modes and here are the pics. The one below is done using a combination of i-photo edit and Adobe Lightroom (LR) on the normal mode picture. Not EXACTLY the same but close enough for amateurs like me haha.

Normal mode

Pop art with E-PL1

Pop art with LR (I up-ed the saturation and vibrance, tuned the tonal curve a little and up-ed the luminance of the reds)

Soft Focus with E-PL1

Soft Focus with i-photo edit's Blur Edges (10) + LR (down-ed the clarity)

Grainy Film with E-PL1

Grainy Film with LR (greyscale, up-ed the blacks, adjust tonal curve)

Pinhole with E-PL1

Pinhole with i-photo edit's vignette (1) and LR (vignette amount and midpoint) I find that i-photo's vignette looks a little too stark and harsh

Diorama with E-PL1

Diorama with LR (ok, this one i'm not very sure... i up-ed contrast a lot and the vibrance and sat a little)

Sepia with E-PL1

Sepia with i-photo's sepia + LR (temperature, tint and brightness)

Saturday, 17 July 2010

My New Toy - Olympus E-PL1

My birthday is coming... i was eyeing a micro 4/3 camera and Mr Tee was selling his two month old one... so chris jumped at the opportunity before i ask for a prada... clever.

I am very pleased with my new toy the Olympus pen E-PL1 which I have named Shiro-Chan (小白) because it's white. and what better way to inaugurate my new toy then to take pics of my darlings =)

i can't wait to use it on my nieces =DDD

What i like:
- the sleek look. love the white... it's so unique. but chris thinks it look too girly so he doesn't dare to use... but then again, the uno numero macho Mr Tee used it too! it's like wearing pink... you need to have a certain level of confidence in your masculinity to dare to wear pink.
- its portability. i know my 7D is good but sometimes, it's really a pain bringing it out, like when i want to take pictures of my nieces... i so want to bring shiro-chan everywhere LOL travelling will never be the same again =) this can totally fit in my handbag =D
- with the panasonic pancake 20mm f/1.7 ($570), the photos come out very nice
- interchangeable lens like a DSLR
- the control (point and shoot is like "auto" car. DSLR is like "manual" car. this is like an auto car with manual function when you want to use it. nice.)
- video quality is good too... HD
- i thought it would be difficult to shoot animals but wow, am pleasantly surprised! the tracking AF, live LCD and light weight really helped. plus the small size is great cos i can creep up to them without them getting too curious. they're very curious about my 7D will come and smell it -.- maybe it's cos my 7D is black so they think it's another bunny haha
- sharp
- nice colours

What I don't like:
- the kit lens is ordinary... f/3.5-5.6
- people who don't know think i am using a compact camera -.-
- the battery life... only 300 pics... less if shooting videos as well... so i bought an extra battery ($75)... =P
- the ugly original strap... so i got the cool-looking white leather one ($75) =P
- SD card... wa lao... i used to use CF card lor... give me only 8 GB. so i bought another 16 GB ($75) cos my 16GB CF card can be full when i shoot in japan (with videos)
- so in the end, the peripherals i bought cost more than what chris paid for the camera hahaha

i am eyeing the panasonic 7-14mm f/4 lens... v tempting... wonder if my kor will buy for me for my birthday =D kor, $1450 only! thanks ah!

you can read my friend CY's 5-post review here =)

a good review comparing E-PL1 and GF-1 is here.

I am still hanging on to my 7D because of my work duties... but i am v tempted to let go =P

Friday, 16 July 2010

Stressed Up Parents

Singaporean parents are a very stressed lot, especially when it comes to primary school registration. if you don't fall into any of the following categories: religious affiliation, parent who is an alumni or parent who is a staff, the next bet will be proximity. i have heard of parents who move just so as to be withing 1km of their choice school. a friend told us that for "hot" schools (like the one downstairs my house), within 1km radius will also not guarantee you a place. you can try doing volunteer work and the "market rate" for these hot schools is about FOUR years before i.e. when your child is about two -.- real anot?? and there's no guarantee! imagine waking up at 5:30am every weekday for 4 years to direct traffic and then your poor kid doesn't get a place. it's really heart-wrenching. to up your chances, you could become an RC member... you know, help organise meet the people sessions, before elections follow MP around to shake hands etc.

heng ah, my nieces guarantee a place in a pretty decent girls' primary school *phew!*

and heng ah, we don't have kids otherwise really headache man... because while i am an advocate of "branded" schools, chris is strongly for proximity LOL

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Amusing Taxi Uncle

just now i took a cab from work to town to meet chris and his colleagues for dinner and the taxi uncle chatted with me... conversation in mandarin but translated.

uncle: you work there ah?
me: ya
uncle: so your job good pay anot?
me: no good
uncle: HA? you are the only one i know who tell me your job not good pay neh!
me: er... hm...
uncle: got $3K anot?
me: er... y...a...
uncle: very good already! you still single, give some to mum, if prudent very enough to spend le!
me: hehe... i'm married =)
uncle: HAAA??? you're married?? wa! you so young get married le ah??
uncle: got kids?
me: no...
uncle: orh... newly weds ha?
me: erm... not... really...
uncle: oh, then quickly go and have! don't wait too long! above 30 very tedious!
me: orh... -.-|||
uncle: some people ha, say they want to lomantik wait until 27 then give birth, then wait until cannot give birth!
me: o... k...
uncle: my friend, 50, already going to be grandfather! so good!
me: hehe -__-|||


uncle: so you drive?
me: ya...
uncle: r u a good driver?
me: er... y...ya...
uncle: driving must practise one!
me: ya
uncle: people ask me "wa uncle! how come you can drive so confidently? shiook here shiook there!" i say "because i practise!"
me: hehe
uncle: actually ha, driving, no need to look at so many places, just look at this *taps at rear view mirror*
me: oh?
uncle: ya! get a big big long long mirror! no need look left look right one! so busy! where got time?
me: ha? *suddenly feels insecure*
uncle: just look at this mirror can liao!

haha... what an amusing uncle... and the fact that i can type this means i got home in one piece =) thank God!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Chao Keng

in hokkien means malinger

E.g.: He chao keng one la! Everytime got WC match he will be on MC!

well, someone put this up on STOMP... a notice outside a Bt Batok clinic...

LOL this doc is funny...

Sunday, 11 July 2010

A Day At The Zoo

=) finally, here's the video. i didn't shoot much photos n video cos i was v suaku... i haven't been to the zoo for goodness knows how many years! =P so i was v amazed at the awesomeness of our singapore zoo =) i am so gonna go to night safari =D


Saturday, 10 July 2010

Life is Good... if You're in Raffles

wa, when you're in Raffles (RI), life is good to you. other people's school must be named after the road name. raffles is special. the road name is named after your school.

then other people have to feign illness to get MC so that they can watch WC on sunday, raffles can have off day on monday. yes, i am not kidding. ST reported that they're getting WC off day. principal says she wants to reward students for their achievements and has not fixed a date but staff and students have been dropping not-so-subtle hints that 12 july will be a good date.

heard that hwa chong also...

see... when your results are good, you can want wind get wind want rain get rain...

Friday, 9 July 2010

NDP Theme Song 2010

by Corinne May

hm... i still prefer the older NDP songs because they're more catchy and easier for group singing. the worse is last year's song haha they should get dick lee to write another one la. HOME is the best so far. written by dick lee, performed by kit chan.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Lazy Pineapple Rice Recipe

I cooked this in the morning before going to work and it took only 5 mins to assemble (i prep the ingredients the night before)

so here's what i used and did...

- 1/4 honey pineapple cut into small pieces(i bought the cut into a cylinder with a hollow centre type from taka cold storage cos i happened to see it... i guess you can buy one slice from cut-fruits stalls)
- half pack of pineapple rice mix (paste-form)

- one skinless, boneless chicken thigh, cut into pieces, marinated with some light soy sauce, sesame oil, white pepper and about 1/2 tspn of the half pack of mix. can use seafood (like prawns and squid) instead.
- frozen mixed veg (i like watties because they give french beans as well)
- lap cheong (chinese sausage), sliced. i don't know about you but when i use lap cheong, i always peel off the "condom-ish" layer...

wrap with cling wrap, shove it into the fridge until ready to use.

garnish (to be packed separately then refrigerate):
- ba hoo (pork floss)
- roasted/salted cashews (toast for about 5 mins in oven toaster just before serving will be nice but no need to if lazy)
- cilantro
- fried shallot (which i didn't have)

some chili padi with soy sauce or fish sauce will be nice =)

so you prep all these the day before then in the morning when you wake up, before you wash face etc, put 1 cup of washed rice and measure water as per normal (like you are cooking rice) into rice cooker, scoop out some of the water to mix with the paste (cos very difficult to dissolve paste completely in the water in the rice cooker) then pour dissolved paste back into rice cooker. add mixed veg and stir lightly, add chicken and sausages.

press cook and go do what you need (wash face, da pian, make-up etc).

after button pops, let it steam for 10 mins more. for me, i just open lid after i put make-up. stir it around to mix then stir in pineapple. put into two lunchboxes and let it cool lightly before you cover.

heat in microwave oven (optional) and garnish before eating =)

aroy (delicious)!!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Mum, I Quit!

in affluent singapore, domestic helpers from neighbouring countries such as the philippines and indonesia are a common sight. the typical singaporean family usually consists of a dad and mum, 1-2 kids and a domestic helper. i really salute CY and his wife LL... both working, kids one year old and NO helper... CLAP CLAP CLAP!

i get very upset when i read about singaporeans abusing their helpers... people so poor thing come all the way here, so stressed and depressed still get ill-treated... tsk tsk tsk... these employers are really wolf heart dog lung one.

but some employers are also very worried about their helpers doing funny things like abusing the kid, throwing kid down HBD flat, bringing dubious men home for "extra services" etc etc... today i met up with my goodest bestest friend jiahui and we started talking about this subject. she said one of her friends fired the helper because she installed CCTV and discovered that the helper makes her baby suck her (the helper's) toe!!! GAH!!! pui! that's gross la... think she went a bit bonkers or something. then jiahui said her sister also has a helper and one day found her sitting alone in the bomb shelter (her room) dark dark and staring into space like hatching some evil plot... the sister freaked out and has been paranoid about her going bonkers and throwing the kid out of the window or something.

then there's another helper v ultimate... another of jiahui's friend's helper... she always goes marketing alone and her employer started wondering why her marketing was taking longer. then one day she told her employer, "mum, i not work anymore, i quit." turns out that she was going to marry the pork seller and later moved into his bungalow in bukit timah!!! so now the helper's house is more atas than the ex-employer's LOL the best part is she is indonesian muslim... -.-

anw, i really thank God that we and the people we know have decent jobs in Singapore. yes, singaporeans always complain complain complain but well, what's flooding and ERP and taxes and doing community service to get your kid into the choice pri school? at least we have peace and prosperity and not have to leave behind our families to work overseas to serve little emperors, with meagre pay. so i hope singaporeans will put themselves in the shoes of their helpers and treat them well although sometimes can't help but feel very pek cek trying to communicate cos they understand also say, " yes mum" don't understand also say, "yes mum" haiz... too smart scared they try to be funny, too stupid also pek cek... very difficult to find a balance... but then they are someone's daughter/wife/mother too. just imagine you are them... seeing the way our strawberry kids need to be handled (like gold) and recalling the hard lives the kids (and themselves) back home lead... it's hard not to go bonkers really... i sympathise with them...

Monday, 5 July 2010

Great Hair Tutorial!!

Wow, this girl is REALLY good!!

and these two are ultimate!!


Sunday, 4 July 2010

Product Review: Roomba i-robot (4*)

I think many of you are waiting to hear my views about the roomba i-robot 562 pet series that we bought a couple of weeks ago. well, after using it for a couple of weeks, we'd say as pet owners, we're quite pleased with it.

the house has been relatively free of furballs... i rmb CY once commenting about the flying fur balls... hahaha. west and claire have kinda gotten used to it as part of the family rather than a predator LOL initially they'd hide in a corner inaccessible by the i-robot and stay v still LOL so cute.

we let it run once a day either in the morning while getting ready for work or in the evening. ours comes with a timer function which we will probably start to use. the first few times we tried it, it got caught in our stone path near the door. it went yee arggh yee argghh... tee tee tee tee tee and stopped then a robotic female voice said something like, "error 1: move roomba to new location and press restart". so we put one virtual wall there.

it's just a little device that runs on two C-sized batteries and shoots out IR rays to stop the i-robot from going beyond. it also got caught running over the bathroom mat so now the mat is INSIDE the bathroom instead of outside. note that the area covered cannot be 100%. it's probably about 90-95%. it's also possible that it keeps cleaning the same spot and goes back to clean the same spot while missing others but then if you on it everyday with 90% coverage, it should have cleaned all the required areas in a week LOL there're also areas it can't clean because of inaccessibility. basically it goes in a straight line but will bump into the wall/furniture/threshold/door etc and then turn around. I think the angle at which it turns is randomised. looks kinda like brownian motion to me hahaha but chris says the AI is some statistical algorithm... ok... anw sometimes it bumps into my piano which initially made me a little worried but now i don't care le hahaha when it's done it goes back to its docking station to charge.

we do maintenance once a week (longer if you're lazy, everyday if you're hardworking) because it takes us just one week to fill the refuse box with fur!

this is one week's worth of fur (and hay and dono why got rubber band hahaha)

you have to empty the refuse box and rinse the filter if you wish and just clean the brushes a bit. i rinse and air dry them too. do remove all hairs otherwise the hair may cut the rubber brush.

[from left, machine upside down, refuse box, filter and bottom are brushes)

there was once some of our bunny fur got stuck inside the brush and it couldn't rotate so the i-robot couldn't move properly. when there's something wrong, the robotic female voice will tell you. she kept telling us to wash the brush which we did but still the problem was there. we couldn't figure out what's wrong and switched to the new set of brush (the pet series comes with an extra set of brushes) and it worked perfectly. i was like, "ha?? so fast must change brush?? how can??" then one day i itchy hand unscrewed the old brush and found a lump of fur stuck inside... tsk tsk tsk... i just removed it and it was ok. so i switched back to the old brush. chris still doesn't know how i did it hehehe.

i personally don't feel that this can REPLACE regular cleaning but what it can definitely do is LENGTHEN the interval between regular cleaning. for example, we used to vacuum and steam the floor every week but now we can do it every 2-3 weeks. for those weeks we don't need to vacuum, i just let the i-robot run one round then mop. good for those weekends when you're busy or just want to be lazy.

my colleague (whose wife is also my colleague) also has it and says his toddler son thinks it's a pet and loves chasing it around the house so that gives him and his wife some personal time (ooh lala!) LOL he has the mopping machine too which he says squirts out water, has a brush that rotates to "mop" and then something sucks away the water. he was hoping that this can REPLACE regular cleaning but the wife still INSISTS on bringing out the vacuum cleaner every week because of their kids so he -.- hahaha

i'd say i'm glad we bought it because now at least we're not eating and breathing in fur and sweeping fur everyday hahaha and when i mop or vacuum, the water is also not as dirty (less fur).

for people who don't have pets, i'm not sure if you NEED it. it's almost $900 if you buy the regular one neh. according to the china salesguy, the pet series is exactly the same except that it comes with an extra set of brushes and an additional virtual wall. it costs $100 more (so almost $1000). but it's good for busy working (or lazy) people i'd say.

from COURTS near IKEA.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Hot Spring at Home!!

when i was young, we never had a bath tub so when chris n i got our own place, i wanted very much to have a bath tub. people told me, "aiyoh, bath tub must scrub and scrub... v difficult to maintain! better not to have." but i didn't care and shopped around for one small enough to squeeze into my tiny HDB bathroom and i'm glad i did =D

well, we don't shower in my bath tub at all. it's purely for soaking so we don't need to "scrub and scrub". i just use a brush to clean the sides and rinse down at the end of a soak.

my favourite soaks are hot spring powders from japan =) whenever i go to a hot spring, i make sure i get some packets as souvenirs because different regions have waters with different properties. just fill the tub with hot water and pour a satchet in and your tub turns into a hot spring tub!! =)

very nice n cheap. one satchet cost at most $2. no need to go to expensive spas like Ikeda Spa =)

Friday, 2 July 2010

10 Ways To Make It Rain

1. wear new expensive shoes
2. wash car then drive out
3. if you always bring umbrella, don't bring
4. organise an outdoor activity (like amazing race company bonding) and have no wet weather contingency plan
5. think, "i'm gonna go jogging today"
6. hang newly-washed laundry out to dry
7. forget to close windows then go out
8. clean your windows
9. you have NEVER been to NDP but decide to go early to chope seat and shoot National Day fireworks
10. park your lambourghini at an Orchard Road basement car park

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Simi Si GLEE?

nowsaday the kid of programmes the kids watch is tsk tsk tsk... simi si GLEE?

nice meh? to me it's some high school musical thingy *yawns*

i prefer Tudors and desperate housewives. i gave up watching heroes cos i couldn't tell whether the characters were themselves or sylar morphed into them and the travelling through time n space makes me have headache...

The Tudors is exciting because of the history (which sometimes chris has to explain to me =P) of cos it helps that the King is super hot la. The king is such a cheekopeh also kekeke...

i find desperate housewives very entertaining with the twists and turns and i can totally identify with some of the characters cos i see myself in them too hahaha (chris thinks i'm a bree-cum-gabby hahaha)

i also miss the good old days of american sitcoms such as friends, the nanny, who's the boss, growing pains and third rock from the sun etc... 'friends' is something i can watch over and over again without getting sian... the songs great too. and who can forget fran drescher's very nasal twang haha. they don't make such funny sitcoms anymore? or isit because singapore doesn't screen them anymore? oh ya, they're obsessed with taiwanese drama that run forever. must ask that Lucas when i see him in church... neh, that mediacorp CEO with a turf of white hair... he sits behind me in church... next time pastor ask us to stand up and shake hands, should i ask, "eh Lucas, why do you guys keep screening these never-ending taiwanese drama ha?"? but i also never really talk to him one... like that ask very random and sudden hor?

haiz... or isit local TV doesn't cater to our age group cos we're supposed to be too busy to watch TV? so only cater to old fogeys and gin nahs?