Thursday, 15 July 2010

Amusing Taxi Uncle

just now i took a cab from work to town to meet chris and his colleagues for dinner and the taxi uncle chatted with me... conversation in mandarin but translated.

uncle: you work there ah?
me: ya
uncle: so your job good pay anot?
me: no good
uncle: HA? you are the only one i know who tell me your job not good pay neh!
me: er... hm...
uncle: got $3K anot?
me: er... y...a...
uncle: very good already! you still single, give some to mum, if prudent very enough to spend le!
me: hehe... i'm married =)
uncle: HAAA??? you're married?? wa! you so young get married le ah??
uncle: got kids?
me: no...
uncle: orh... newly weds ha?
me: erm... not... really...
uncle: oh, then quickly go and have! don't wait too long! above 30 very tedious!
me: orh... -.-|||
uncle: some people ha, say they want to lomantik wait until 27 then give birth, then wait until cannot give birth!
me: o... k...
uncle: my friend, 50, already going to be grandfather! so good!
me: hehe -__-|||


uncle: so you drive?
me: ya...
uncle: r u a good driver?
me: er... y...ya...
uncle: driving must practise one!
me: ya
uncle: people ask me "wa uncle! how come you can drive so confidently? shiook here shiook there!" i say "because i practise!"
me: hehe
uncle: actually ha, driving, no need to look at so many places, just look at this *taps at rear view mirror*
me: oh?
uncle: ya! get a big big long long mirror! no need look left look right one! so busy! where got time?
me: ha? *suddenly feels insecure*
uncle: just look at this mirror can liao!

haha... what an amusing uncle... and the fact that i can type this means i got home in one piece =) thank God!