Monday, 26 July 2010


half of my dept use i-phones. lately my dept people intro me to this free i-phone app called charadium and we will sometimes play at home after work (shower, gong xin ji etc). it's basically pictionary but it's real time. a maximum of 6 people can play at one time. so one person draws and the rest will guess. fastest correct answer gets points. the drawer also gets points. i got one colleague called horny baby he is super good. people draw halfway he will ting ting type the correct answer!! it's very pek cek when you also got it correct but was a split of a second late -.- GGGRRRRR...!!!! or if you spell wrongly then someone sees your answer, spells correctly and gets the points. GAH!!!!

we have a code word so that only our people can play and someone will go FB to leave a message then at night we will log-in and play.

i have unfair advantage cos i use the i-Pad to play muahahaha... so i can draw until v detailed =P horny baby says i "cheat" neninenipoopoo! =PPP

well, playing with them is super exciting =D i tried playing with other people (i don't know these people one, just log-in and choose quick game) and yawnz... they either draw very slowly, are very slow in answering (i.e. dumb) or cheat by WRITING the word out...

go try it... you'll get hooked too haha. er but... you need to have i-phone la.