Sunday, 18 July 2010

E-PL1 ART Modes

One of the sellling points of the E-PL1 are the ART modes, namely: Pop Art, Soft Focus, Grainy Film, Pinhole, Diorama and Sepia. I don't usually like to use these on my pictures. Even if I want the photo to be black and white, I will shoot in colour then convert because more experienced photographers tell me that details can be lost if you shoot in black and white. Another reason is that in future you may want the picture in its original form but it's not possible to convert back. So you should shoot in original colour and then convert to whatever you want. If you shoot say in Sepia, it will always be sepia liao.

So anw i tried the fun art modes and here are the pics. The one below is done using a combination of i-photo edit and Adobe Lightroom (LR) on the normal mode picture. Not EXACTLY the same but close enough for amateurs like me haha.

Normal mode

Pop art with E-PL1

Pop art with LR (I up-ed the saturation and vibrance, tuned the tonal curve a little and up-ed the luminance of the reds)

Soft Focus with E-PL1

Soft Focus with i-photo edit's Blur Edges (10) + LR (down-ed the clarity)

Grainy Film with E-PL1

Grainy Film with LR (greyscale, up-ed the blacks, adjust tonal curve)

Pinhole with E-PL1

Pinhole with i-photo edit's vignette (1) and LR (vignette amount and midpoint) I find that i-photo's vignette looks a little too stark and harsh

Diorama with E-PL1

Diorama with LR (ok, this one i'm not very sure... i up-ed contrast a lot and the vibrance and sat a little)

Sepia with E-PL1

Sepia with i-photo's sepia + LR (temperature, tint and brightness)