Friday, 23 July 2010

Fancy Cars

Wa... some of my colleagues are FILTHY rich... got one mini cooper convertible and a mazda MX5 convertible. How come some people can afford to buy such nice cars ha?? i miss my kor's BMW... and of cos everyday i see my boss' BMW and lao chwee nua...

chris is super cheapskate when it comes to cars. if he had a choice, he'd drive chery QQ -.- but for his wife, he'd drive a european car. he said he would have gladly stuck to his jap manual car if not for the fact that his wife can't drive manual. sometimes we have the following conversation in the car...

me: dear, when friedrich (our car) dies, upgrade to what?
chris: mmm.... upgrade to chery QQ la
me: -.- that's not upgrade
chris: upgrade! from two doors to four doors neh!!
me: -.- i want BMW
chris: cannot afford!
me: *points to peugeot 307 convertible that zhioops past* how much is it?
chris: cannot afford!
me: *points to mazda MX5* that one neh?
chris: cannot afford! ah yo these people so poor! cannot even afford a shelter for the car!!! tsk tsk tsk!!! dear, two door topless cars are for poor people cos they cannot afford the parts!
me: giam gah nah! -.-
chris: let's drive friedrich for 10 years! =) anyway i won't buy sports car... cos you're a closet speedster... dangerous!
me: i promise i won't speed?
chrir: ya... right!

don't think i will ever get to drive sports car =(