Saturday, 3 July 2010

Hot Spring at Home!!

when i was young, we never had a bath tub so when chris n i got our own place, i wanted very much to have a bath tub. people told me, "aiyoh, bath tub must scrub and scrub... v difficult to maintain! better not to have." but i didn't care and shopped around for one small enough to squeeze into my tiny HDB bathroom and i'm glad i did =D

well, we don't shower in my bath tub at all. it's purely for soaking so we don't need to "scrub and scrub". i just use a brush to clean the sides and rinse down at the end of a soak.

my favourite soaks are hot spring powders from japan =) whenever i go to a hot spring, i make sure i get some packets as souvenirs because different regions have waters with different properties. just fill the tub with hot water and pour a satchet in and your tub turns into a hot spring tub!! =)

very nice n cheap. one satchet cost at most $2. no need to go to expensive spas like Ikeda Spa =)