Sunday, 25 July 2010

Irritating Singaporeans

Some Singaporeans are really irritating and will be a complete disgrace to our country when they're overseas. Yesterday we were at IKEA for dinner we sat beside a family of 3. this family took like 30 satchets of pepper and 20 sugar!!! why on earth do they need SO MUCH??? i would love to watch them eat all. haiz... i don't want to think what they will do if they go to Sunroute Shimbashi in Tokyo where the hotel amenities are laid out at the hotel lobby, free to take. got toothbrush and toothpaste, shaver, hairbrush, shower sponge, cotton buds.

and our seats are such that chris n i had to squeeze past them to get out. so we gathered our dirty plates (we clear our table k, unlike some singaporeans) and tried to squeeze past. on my side, i couldn't get out because of that ONE SEAT at the end and the uncle just sat there like screwed to his seat and didn't move!!! end up i had to go back the other way and make a big detour to get out. on chris' side, the aunty is really dumbo. her seat was very far from the table and she was sitting at the edge of the seat. when she saw chris come, she leaned forward BUT HER SEAT DIDN"T MOVE!!! gah!!! so chris also couldn't get out. and all this while we were carrying our dirty plates k? really want to slap them!

and very often when we go for movies, we realise many people don't bring their trash out after the show then the poor staff has to go around collecting cups and whatnots. singaporeans think just because they pay for the show they're v big.

what i HATE at the movies is sitting in front of a kid. because kids LOVE kicking the chair in front i.e. my chair. so every once in a while you'd feel a KOK KOK on your chair. it's SUPER irritating and inconsiderate. just because they're kids doesn't mean they can be inconsiderate. social graciousness must start from young right?

but i must say it's getting better. it was worse last time. but i think we're still quite a long way to reaching taiwan or japan's standard.