Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Mum, I Quit!

in affluent singapore, domestic helpers from neighbouring countries such as the philippines and indonesia are a common sight. the typical singaporean family usually consists of a dad and mum, 1-2 kids and a domestic helper. i really salute CY and his wife LL... both working, kids one year old and NO helper... CLAP CLAP CLAP!

i get very upset when i read about singaporeans abusing their helpers... people so poor thing come all the way here, so stressed and depressed still get ill-treated... tsk tsk tsk... these employers are really wolf heart dog lung one.

but some employers are also very worried about their helpers doing funny things like abusing the kid, throwing kid down HBD flat, bringing dubious men home for "extra services" etc etc... today i met up with my goodest bestest friend jiahui and we started talking about this subject. she said one of her friends fired the helper because she installed CCTV and discovered that the helper makes her baby suck her (the helper's) toe!!! GAH!!! pui! that's gross la... think she went a bit bonkers or something. then jiahui said her sister also has a helper and one day found her sitting alone in the bomb shelter (her room) dark dark and staring into space like hatching some evil plot... the sister freaked out and has been paranoid about her going bonkers and throwing the kid out of the window or something.

then there's another helper v ultimate... another of jiahui's friend's helper... she always goes marketing alone and her employer started wondering why her marketing was taking longer. then one day she told her employer, "mum, i not work anymore, i quit." turns out that she was going to marry the pork seller and later moved into his bungalow in bukit timah!!! so now the helper's house is more atas than the ex-employer's LOL the best part is she is indonesian muslim... -.-

anw, i really thank God that we and the people we know have decent jobs in Singapore. yes, singaporeans always complain complain complain but well, what's flooding and ERP and taxes and doing community service to get your kid into the choice pri school? at least we have peace and prosperity and not have to leave behind our families to work overseas to serve little emperors, with meagre pay. so i hope singaporeans will put themselves in the shoes of their helpers and treat them well although sometimes can't help but feel very pek cek trying to communicate cos they understand also say, " yes mum" don't understand also say, "yes mum" haiz... too smart scared they try to be funny, too stupid also pek cek... very difficult to find a balance... but then they are someone's daughter/wife/mother too. just imagine you are them... seeing the way our strawberry kids need to be handled (like gold) and recalling the hard lives the kids (and themselves) back home lead... it's hard not to go bonkers really... i sympathise with them...