Thursday, 1 July 2010

Simi Si GLEE?

nowsaday the kid of programmes the kids watch is tsk tsk tsk... simi si GLEE?

nice meh? to me it's some high school musical thingy *yawns*

i prefer Tudors and desperate housewives. i gave up watching heroes cos i couldn't tell whether the characters were themselves or sylar morphed into them and the travelling through time n space makes me have headache...

The Tudors is exciting because of the history (which sometimes chris has to explain to me =P) of cos it helps that the King is super hot la. The king is such a cheekopeh also kekeke...

i find desperate housewives very entertaining with the twists and turns and i can totally identify with some of the characters cos i see myself in them too hahaha (chris thinks i'm a bree-cum-gabby hahaha)

i also miss the good old days of american sitcoms such as friends, the nanny, who's the boss, growing pains and third rock from the sun etc... 'friends' is something i can watch over and over again without getting sian... the songs great too. and who can forget fran drescher's very nasal twang haha. they don't make such funny sitcoms anymore? or isit because singapore doesn't screen them anymore? oh ya, they're obsessed with taiwanese drama that run forever. must ask that Lucas when i see him in church... neh, that mediacorp CEO with a turf of white hair... he sits behind me in church... next time pastor ask us to stand up and shake hands, should i ask, "eh Lucas, why do you guys keep screening these never-ending taiwanese drama ha?"? but i also never really talk to him one... like that ask very random and sudden hor?

haiz... or isit local TV doesn't cater to our age group cos we're supposed to be too busy to watch TV? so only cater to old fogeys and gin nahs?