Friday, 16 July 2010

Stressed Up Parents

Singaporean parents are a very stressed lot, especially when it comes to primary school registration. if you don't fall into any of the following categories: religious affiliation, parent who is an alumni or parent who is a staff, the next bet will be proximity. i have heard of parents who move just so as to be withing 1km of their choice school. a friend told us that for "hot" schools (like the one downstairs my house), within 1km radius will also not guarantee you a place. you can try doing volunteer work and the "market rate" for these hot schools is about FOUR years before i.e. when your child is about two -.- real anot?? and there's no guarantee! imagine waking up at 5:30am every weekday for 4 years to direct traffic and then your poor kid doesn't get a place. it's really heart-wrenching. to up your chances, you could become an RC member... you know, help organise meet the people sessions, before elections follow MP around to shake hands etc.

heng ah, my nieces guarantee a place in a pretty decent girls' primary school *phew!*

and heng ah, we don't have kids otherwise really headache man... because while i am an advocate of "branded" schools, chris is strongly for proximity LOL