Sunday, 8 August 2010


was what chris SMS-ed me on his R&R day overseas. i went, "ha??"

i later found out 小平 means "shopping" -______________-|||

chris: so cheap dear!!!! my 菠萝拉福 (polo Ralph) shirts r so cheap!!!! less than $15!!!!
me: -.-
chris: and check out my 佼佼阿妈你 (Giogio Armani) jacket!!! i bargained to 1/5 of the quoted price!!! *model for me wearing the jacket...*
me: -.-
chris: they also had many branded bags! got 撒尿 (Chanel) and 巴里 (Bally) 还有“掉”的耳环!(and Dior earrings!)
me: -.-
chris: the salesgirl encouraged me to buy a few for friends and family cos so cheap!!
me: no thanks.
chris: *points to my Burberry Blue Label bag from Japan* hey! they had that too! but very cheap!
me: -.-

after he unpacked everything...

me: so... you REALLY didn't buy anything for me?? -.-
chris: 我问你要不要名牌包包,你不要啊!(i asked if you wanted branded bags you don't want ma...)
me: next time go that country just buy some godiva chocolates from Changi airport *grumble grumble*