Friday, 27 August 2010

A Cheerful Heart Is Good Medicine

Proverbs 17:22 says

"A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones."

One of the qualities that attracted me to Chris is his sense of humour (intended or unintended). He says things that make me laugh... =D sometimes i half-suspect he intentionally makes himself ignorant to make me laugh =)

the other day i wanted to check out a lens and usually if i go a shop other than John 3:16 at Funan IT Mall, I will get chris to pretend to be the one buying cos i feel that people may quote me a higher price if they see me... hahaha...

me: dear, help me ask how much is the panasonic 7-14 f/4 and sound like you know your stuff k?
chris: for your 3/4 camera ah?
me: LOL it's called micro 4/3!!! hahaha
chris: *recite* panasonic 7-14 f... f what?
me: f4 hehehe


i was commenting on my colleague's new-born baby...

me: wa her baby is so cute! and he looks EXACTLY like her... ang ku kueh mold kind!
chris: you mean your colleague looks like an ang ku kueh??
me: LOLLLL no! i mean it's like they're from the same mold!


my dept colleagues also have a knack of making me laugh and laughing at ourselves together... that's one of the reasons why i love them and love being around them.

colleague: *walks past Saving Private Ryan poster* wow! I haven't watched this show...
me: hm...?
colleague: erm... cos when it was shown it was NC16 so I couldn't watch...
me: -.- right... thanks for telling me...

let's spread some cheer today to ease the tensions and stress that make us weary. smiles and cheerful attitudes, sense of humour also help to strengthen our relationships with those around us =)