Monday, 23 August 2010

Cool Sandwich Box

I was at Ringo Ya, a shop at Liang Court Level 3, that sells legit Sanrio stuff and couldn't resist getting this cool sandwich box.

You know how bread in a plastic bag or cling wrap gets crushed/put of shape. And if you put it in a box, you have to bring the bulky box home. Well, You can put your isosceles-triangle shaped sandwich in here. Fits regular-sized breads with crust off. I think with the crust, the bread won't fit.

When you've finish your sandwich, you can open it up to wash.

And fold it neatly to be placed into your handbag. Very cool design i'd say. the Japanese are really smart. My only complaint (so far) is that tiny crumps may drop out from the tiny holes at the edges. My bento buddy suggests wrapping the sandwich in cling wrap first before putting it in the box. good idea...

$10+ and I bought the last one =) (Designed in Japan, made in China)