Friday, 27 August 2010

Fruitful Friday =DDD

hehehe =D got this for free... won it in a lucky draw at a workshop =DDD

last week roy called me to "ask me out on a date at a hotel" -.- he meant attend a canon color management workshop at St Regis. I wasn't v interested but thought it may be relevant to my job and I was excited to see St Regis so i went...

however, the week went on and work was neverending i almost wanted to back out =P i wanted to tell roy i couldn't go because i have too much work to do =P but i felt bad "letting go of his aeroplane" so i mianqiangly went... i wore a nicer dress some more cos the venue "veh high crass" ma... hahaha

when i told some colleagues i am going to St Regis...

they: WA!!! take picture take picture!!
me: no la! so suaku!!!

and wah! it's really nice... the toilets are v nice. both times i was there, i wanted to take pictures but there were other people around so i couldn't...

the workshop was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ.... for me at least... roy was nodding in agreement with "hms" and "erms" like v interesting like that.. i was just thinking when is refreshment and wonder whether the food is nice.

well, refreshment was not bad... the cutleries are very nice and atas... i like.

then came the lucky draw at the end

me: is it 5DMkII???? =DDDDD
roy: >.>...

wait long long er... it's 3 prizes of a Canon pixma MP497 printer each worth $229

me: i hope i win i hope i win!!! *concentrate and will it to happen* and the winner is Ann KXX from YYY!!! =DDD

almost immediately, i heard... "and the first winner is... Ann KXX from YYY!!!" roy and i were both stunned... so were his friends in the row in front of us... i couldn't believe i was so spot-on hahaha

hahaha... so happy... although i still know nuts about colour management... it was a fruitful Friday cos i got to see St Regis, eat free food and won a printer!! hee =DDDD

Then i went to Taka to buy a gift for my colleague's ang ku kueh mold child... ah yo... so cute!!!! haha...

and oh... i have another place to go for FAB (Festival of Ann's Birthday) muahahahahaha!!!!!