Sunday, 22 August 2010

High Rollers

That's what they call "big fish" in casinos... people who spend obscene amounts of money.

Remember the guy who lost $26mil recently? he is a high roller. According to TNP, although he is married, he was reportedly with his "girlfriend" ok... now the wife knows =P

According to TNP as well, casinos spare no cost in making these high rollers feel special. Privileges include:

- private jet transport from their country of origin
- limousine transfer to casino hotel
- private passageways not accessible to public so they can come and go and not be noticed
- free flow of brandy, cuban cigars and birds' nests in gaming lounge
- personal butlers
- any food in any restaurant (or any part of Singapore) may be served to their rooms

cheapskate commoners like us will go, "WAAA!!!! free flow of food ah????" but high rollers are too busy gambling to bother about such things... ooohhh...

me: how come no chocolate? god of gamblers likes to eat chocolate...
chris: er dear, god of gamblers brings his own chocolate...

well, my idea of "high rollers" is what I gathered from the movies, particularly HK ones. the god of gamblers usually drapes a trenchcoat over his shoulders, makes his entrance slow-mo, likes to eat chocolate and twirls his ring before he performs a miracle such as rubbing the digit on the card to transform it into the one he desires... they play up to millions in one game and will push the heap of chips onto the table... and declare, "i follow!"

but real life high rollers don't have super powers i suppose... otherwise he won't lose until $26 millions... and you know what's the most absurd thing of all? he is seeking his attorney's advice as to whether he can sue the casino for negligence. right... you can't shit you blame the toilet... 拉不出屎怪茅坑。


Oh, TNP also reported that superstar Jay Chou lost $2 million at MBS... report here.