Sunday, 1 August 2010

I am Really My Brother's Sister =D

my kor is thinking of getting the i-Phone 4 so he asked if he can try out my old i-Phone... i passed the phone and charger to him just now...

this is what he tried to do...


me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! it's at the bottom!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

kor: SIM card neh?
me: of cos use your own la!
kor: i mean put where?
me: here, use a needle to poke the hole then the thing will come out. you can insert your SIM card and push it back.

kor: big hole or small hole?
me: -_________________________-||| the big hole is for earphones!!! *slap forehead* i must blog about this...
kor: how i know? you said poke "the hole" never say big hole or small hole!!

later in the car on the way home...

me: so dear, go straight?
chris: left
me: *filter to left lane and cruise on left-most lane*
me: what? why so sudden??
chris: i said LEFT what!
me: you said "left" you didn't say "TURN left"!
chris: sigh... you are really your brother's sister... >.<|||