Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Ler See Di Diang??

in Teochew means "who are u??"

well, i have been so busy lately (working almost 12 hours everyday >.<) that I haven't really visited or called my mum. she also didn't call me -.- so that day i called her and asked, "Mi ah, bai sar ler wo oing bor? wa ker chueh ler" (r u free on wed? i go find you)

she replied, "Ler See Di Diang?"

*slap forehead* my heart instantly chui man... my own mother doesn't recognise my voice :'(

and i told her i wanted to visit her... she said she is not free need to go dono what temple... k... she doesn't miss me... *heart priang!*

sadz =/