Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Managing Stress

Lately i realised that my colleagues (especially the younger ones) are very stressed... some even have difficulty sleeping because they're thinking about work. hm... i'm a bit concerned because i'm worried that they may burn out...

here's how i usually manage my stress... this post also acts as a reminder to myself as lately i have been feeling really tired from work

Commit my plans to God
That's how I try to start my day. I pray and commit all my needs, things to do etc. to God. That's also how i will end my day, to commit what's bothering me (the next day's stuff) to God before I sleep so that I don't keep thinking about it. If i am exceptionally anxious because of something big, i will type it in my phone, save it and try not to think about it. Even when you're dead tired and feel that once your head hits the pillow you will konk off, you can still utter, "Dear Lord, I commit everything to you. May you be with me, Amen."

Health is important
No matter how busy we are, we must try to take care of our health. Eat right (healthy food and regular meals), sleep enough, drink water, exercise (just walking around or stretching is better than nothing). If i'm really busy and have no time to exercise, i just stretch...

Take time to smell the roses. One of my favourite songs is "This is my Father's world". You don't have to dive into the ocean or climb a mountain. Sometimes i just look up to the sky and admire the clouds or on my way home from work i admire the flowers along the path. Go catch that movie, watch some TV, play some computer games or i-phone games (such as when your colleague jio u LOL) or plan that holiday, get out of the country and slack at some resort even if it's Sentosa. book that facial or massage appointment.

Important vs. urgent list
When I have too many things to do, I'd write down a list and once I have completed the task, i'll strike it off. It feels really shiok!

Socialise and share
It's great if you have people who are going through the same thing as you and you can talk to them about it. It's your support system. It may be your colleagues, friends, ministry, church friends, pastor, boyfriend, girlfriend, family etc. A burden shared is a burden halved. I'm glad my department is relatively closely-knit and I feel safe sharing things about work that I struggle with (at least to some people). I have one colleague who is very cute... he likes to walk down other aisles to just check in on us and say ,"Hi" it's nice and refreshing =) people in your support group can also help remind you about deadlines.

Take it easy
Although we should try our very best in our work, sometimes we need to take it easy. Our work is NOT everything. our family, our health are more important. There comes a point when we have to tell ourselves we've tried our best, let go and let God do the rest. If you are really tired, go home and rest and try not to bring your work home. I know it's difficult but work is neverending. If you don't rest well, you won't perform well the next day too and the cycle repeats itself. Chris and I share the same philosophy of trying not to bring work home. Sometimes it's difficult but I try to keep it at a minimum.