Wednesday, 25 August 2010

爱 Sparks Interest in Use of IT Among Elderly

I won't be surprised if one day I see this in the papers -.- my mum somehow figured out a way to add the "I ask sky" ringtone -.- and recently chris shared the link for 爱 on his Facebook with the comment, "Lucky my grandma doesn't know how to use Internet ..."

my colleague: my mum keeps asking me to teach her how to watch 爱 on the internet! i refuse to teach her!!! otherwise she will have no life!

haha... i can just imagine how decadent ah ma will become if she can watch continuous episodes of 爱... she will probably just eat , 爱, poop, 爱, drink, 爱, pee, 爱, sleep, 爱 LOL and i can imagine how cute she will look sitting in front of a macbook... LOL