Friday, 10 September 2010

Day Tour in Hanoi, Vietnam (Sep 2010) - Part 1

We got a private day tour with Travel Sense Asia, strongly recommended by Tripadvisor. The person who liased with us, Hien, was very prompt and helpful and wrote good English. For USD$45 per person, we had a private car (Toyota) and private guide Thahn, who spoke very good English. A Tourism and Languages university graduate, Thahn speaks fluent English and Italian as well as some Chinese. Very knowledgable and willing to share information about Vietnam. He was very flexible about the itinerary and as long as it was within Hanoi city and we had time, he was willing to accomodate our requests. No mandatory visits to touristy souvenir shops, which we like.

The cost included the transport and driver, guide, entrance fees to all the places we visited, lunch (beef noodles, pay for your own drinks), bicycle ride (kinda like our trishaw) and water puppet show.

In the morning we visited 3 markets (i like markets =D). the flower market has surprisingly many beautiful flowers!!!

French - Vietnamese breakfast

The roses are so beautiful!!
Flower vendor
Roses and sunflowers
One of the morning markets. Quite Stinky >.<
Purple cabbage
The persimmons look like tomatoes!!
Dried produce

This looked really gross =PPP

Bamboo shoot vendor. Vietnamese like to eat bamboo shoots
Betel but vendor... not quite like the Taiwanese chiobus ha... haha

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  1. I like to 'look see look see' at market places too :D