Saturday, 11 September 2010

Day Tour in Hanoi, Vietnam (Sep 2010) - Part 2

Hanoi is divided into 3 regions: Old Quarter, New Living Area and French Quarter. We stayed at the French Quarter.

Visited the Old Quarter and New Living Area. According to the guide, the Old Quarter sells products mainly from China so they're very very cheap but the quality is not good. He says only the poorer Vietnamese shop there. Even he doesn't dare to buy the food from there because you don't know what sort of chemicals they add in the food. And if you see cheap "branded" bags or sunglasses, they fake. He said all the "branded" stuff in Old Quarters are fake. The designs are so up-to-date that within a week of it appearing in China, it'd be found there... China's fake "branded" stuff are very very up-to-date btw.

Entrance to Old Quarter


Chris wanted very much to eat these but I didn't let him =P
Chris also wanted to eat the beef noodles here but I didn't let him
Lotsa scooters in Hanoi
It's amazing how they can carry such huge loads on the scooter

Dark alley into someone's house
Street food
These people are eating eggs with chick embryo =PPPP YUCK!!!!

Sauteed maggots
AAAWwww.... cute puppies. Thankfully, they're someone's pet, not food

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