Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Different Expectations

One of the main reasons why chris and I can't have kids is we can't agree on how to bring them up...

on playschools...

chris: i can't believe parents will pay money for such stuff >.<
me: it's important... pre-school education ma. you mean if we have kids you won't send them to such schools?
chris: of cos not! and they will just go to our neighbourhood pembry school!
me: ha? erm... not nanyang?
chris: no dear, our kid can just go to the nearest neighbourhood pembry school... and top the school k?
me: er...
chris: you want good school YOU go and do the community work... -.-

yap. chris is definitely not gonna do traffic duty to put his kid into a good school.

chris: and... our kid will have no problem summing 1 to 97.
me: -.-
chris: and if he gets punished in school, come home sure get caned again.
me: oh... so you won't complain?
chris: 子不教,父之过。

on university...

chris: he jolly well get a scholarship if he wants to go overseas... i'm not paying

on computer gaming...

chris: 2 years old must start playing Starcraft
me: er... ok...
chris: 4 years old must be Singapore champion
me: -.-
chris: 10 years old must be world champion... 12 years old retire
me: -___________-|||

on parent-teacher-meetings

chris: if good behaviour, good results or win awards, i will attend. if bad behaviour need to see principal, you attend k?
me: ha...??!

we're so not having kids hahaha... my poor parents-in-law =(


  1. So funny! Hahaha :P But if you guys have kids, I'm sure Chris would likely compromise as you seem to be the dominant partner. :P

  2. Just saw this - hilarious ! Sometimes the more reluctant n pai kiah the man , the more involved he will be as a father - I have seen this 360 degree change in quite a few friends ;)