Tuesday, 28 September 2010


means double income no kids...

this morning in the car,

me: er dear, do you think we're a weird couple?
chris: ?? why??
me: cos we have no kids
chris: but i don't want kids
me: what if accident how?
chris: then you will have to go and give tuition
me: HA??? pregnant still must give tuition?
chris: okok, i give tuition... so weekdays i work until v tired, weekend still must give tuition
me: so bad meh?
chris: ya, if we have kids, we'll be poor
me: hm...
chris: everyday eat rice with soy sauce
me: -.-
chris: 1 year eat twice pork and beef
me: -.-
chris: eat the leftover veggies that west and claire don't want
me: -.-
chris: 10 years go once bintan lagoon resort
me: -.-
chris: and no more prada bags, must use maybelline
me: maybelline doesn't make bags...
chris: ok, bata
me: -.-
chris: and then when the kid needs to go pri school, I have to wake up early to do traffic duty =(

-.- he always say until v kuazhang one neh

it's just that i have been feeling v bad toward my in-laws cos they have waited like 8 years and i haven't even "laid an egg" =( then my FIL always drop hints here and there makes me feel so stressed. now when i go and eat dinner, i feel v stressed facing my FIL and ah ma =( my MIL is ok... she doesn't stress me up but i do feel bad too.

chris: is it right to have kids just to please my parents?
me: hm...
chris: then they will be happy but i will be miserable... crazy...
me: ...


  1. Hi,
    I am just a passerby.I am married for coming 3 yrs and we also have no kids. Now then i know what DINK means. kekek!
    Live life to your fullest! Just treasure what you have now :)

  2. There will be sacrifices, but I think Hannah's been the best thing that has happened for the both of us. So many little things that you learn and discover not just about little ones, but about yourself too in the process of parenthood.:)

  3. yeah i know CY... but the thought of giving up our lifestyle and have it revolve around the kids just frightens us. of cos, chris feels we're too poor to afford a kid. hm...

  4. Well, a lifestyle change would indeed occur, and there was indeed a transition period and some performance anxiety initially.

    But when I look at what's happened in the last 18 months, I'm convicted now that the lifestyle change has benefited us with Hannah now in the picture. The both of us I think have become more responsible adults, and more far thinking. And every day that we experience Hannah, we're reminded of God's blessings and great
    privilege we're given to nurture this precious gift he has given us.

    E.g. the both of us spend more time together as a family unit now, with Hannah right in the center bonding us together.

    And as for financial resources, I think that's unfounded. You're in better financial standing than me and Ling are. But we're managing fine, and I think you and Chris would better fare even better in this respect.=)

  5. haha, good for you then... hm... i feel i'm too old la and chris is really not keen. i think we will quarrel a lot about what to do... like my friend's sister and husband, forever quarrelling about the kid cos they can't agree... and the husband is quite involved so the wife feels very overwhelmed and depressed... then she tells her kid "i shouldn't have given birth to you." ouch, that hurts >.<

  6. Hey Ann, Lisa here... This seemed to be on your mind alot, so just to share that if it's God's will for you, He will give you both the conviction to have children... He challenged my fears through a colleague, and we feel blessed to have Gabrielle :) I used to fear too that we won't have enough money to raise kids, but somehow we have enough, without compromising on little luxuries like good meals and shopping sprees. And we also thank God for family members who love to splurge on her too!

    If it's troubling you, maybe you both can just commit this to God, and ask Him how He feels about it, about choosing not to have kids. Peace is always the clue that His will is happening in your life :) God bless you, with kids, or with not!

  7. I've been married for 10 years and both my wife and myself had faced the same struggle. Imagine after years in the rat race (study, study and more studies), you suddenly get your freedom to do what you like with your life (travels, enjoy life)... And along comes (parents and now gahmen) to cajole you to settle down!
    If you start to think ahead into the future and ask these questions -
    1. How old will my kid/s be when i am 60yrs old?
    2. Who will take care of me when i am old and frail?
    While our psychological clock has shifted over the decades, our biological clock has never changed. Time will NEVER be on our side no matter how healthy or young we think or feel.

    Have a good chat with Chris and i'm sure he'll reason it out somehow.

    PS: We just celebrated 15mths of our girl "Kimberly". Our life has certainly changed, but not to the extend of revolving around baby. Baby certainly made us 'grow' up and as far as my wife is concerned - it is her new found 'motivation' and 'joy' in life!